How do I change my start time?

If you've registered for an Open Wave race but would like to change to a different wave time, this article will outline that process. 


How to change your Open Wave time

1. Log into your Spartan Ticket Socket account. Click "Have an account?" in the top right and enter your account information. You must use the same email address you entered when registering for the race. If this is your first time logging in, choose "Register an account." 

2. Click the gear on the right next to the race you want to change and click "Change Order". TS_Time_Change_2.png

3. Next, select the box that says "Change information". 


4. Click "EDIT"


5. Scroll down to "Team & wave time" to select a new wave time from the drop-down menu (subject to availability). If you wish to make any changes to your team options, e.g. join an existing team, create your own team, you can do that here. There is no fee to change your wave time within the Open Wave.


6. Click on "Update Information" to save your changes.



Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Service at prior to processing any payments.

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