Can I transfer myself to a different race?

Sometimes, things happen, and you're just not able to make an event that you had planned on. Not to worry, Spartan Race does allow you to transfer yourself to another event.

Please note that this process does NOT apply to holders of a Season Pass, Trifecta Pass, Triple Trifecta Pass, or Fiji Ultimate Pass.



  • The following Transfer Policy currently only applies to Spartan Race events in Australia and New Zealand. We are not able to transfer a registration to another country.
  • No credits or transfers are permitted from any events prior to April 2022 including events originally scheduled for 2021.
  • Race transfers close 5 days before the date of the event. No transfers or forwarding credit will be offered after this period. Races cannot be transferred once online registrations are closed.
  • A transfer code cannot be used for a sold out event or after online registrations have closed. It is the racer's responsibility to register prior to the cutoff date and ensure the event is not sold out before using a transfer code.
  • We cannot apply and/or refund a transfer coupon code after a transaction has been completed. If you wish to use your deferral credit for a future race, make sure to defer your race prior to your registration.
  • Transfer codes are valid for 180 days from the date issued.


  • A transfer fee of AUD$20 applies when transferring any adult race registration.
  • When you transfer your registration to a new event, a credit will be applied for the ticket type price that was paid. Service fees, add ons/insurance and 3rd party fees are not included in this transfer credit.
  • When transferring, you will be responsible for any difference in price between the new race entry fee and your credit, regardless of race distance.
  • No refunds or credits apply when changing to a lower-priced race.
  • Total - Upon checking out, the charges reflected will include the credit from your original price applied against the total of the new race entry fee. The remaining fees will include any remaining balance from your credit, racer insurance, any transfer fees if applicable, the processing fees, and any applicable taxes. 
  • You will not be able to combine a transfer with any other transfer credits, coupons, offers, passes, volunteer credits, Street Team credits, or vouchers. Only one transfer code per ticket, per transaction can be used.
  • The transfer credit is valid for a single use on a registration. Any deferment credit remaining after you sign up for the new event will be forfeited. It cannot be used for future events, racer insurance, or merchandise.  
  • Do to the unique nature of the Agoge, we are unable to offer a refund or future race credit under any circumstance.



Transfer Yourself To Another Available Race

1. Log into your Spartan Tickets account (select "Have an account? in the top right corner).

2. Select the race you would like to transfer. Then click the gear on the right and click "Change Order". TSTRF1.png

3. Select "Switch to a different event". Please note that no refunds or credits can be given if a lower priced ticket is selected.


4. Choose your new race from the list of currently available events - remember to choose carefully!

Then click "Edit" next to your new chosen race to select your CURRENT time block.


5. Choose your desired time block (Competitive, Open). Note, you will only be able to transfer into heats that are not sold out. 

6. Remember to join/create any desired teams for the new race and select your new preferred start time. 

7. Enter your initials for the new waiver. 

8. Click "Update Information" at the bottom. 

9. The charges for the change will be appear (if applicable). Enter your payment information. 

10. After completing the payment (where applicable), you will be entered in the new race!



Transfer as a credit for a new race

If you're not sure which race you want to transfer to, you can obtain a credit on your original ticket and decide on your new race later.


1. Log into your Spartan Tickets account (select "Have an account? in the top right corner).

2. Select the race you would like to transfer. Then click the gear on the right and click "Change Order".  TSTRF1.png

3. Select "Transfer ticket(s) to a friend"


4. Enter your own email to retain this credit for yourself to use at another event. Please ensure that your email is typed correctly. 

5. You will be prompted to pay any applicable transfer fees.

6. Upon completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your race code. Transfer code is valid for 180 days from the date of issue.

7. You will use that code when signing up for your next race in the promo code section.

8. You will be responsible for any difference in price, plus the new racer insurance and bag check fees.



Should you experience any difficulty with your transfer, or have any questions, please email

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